California Wild White Sage
California Wild White Sage
The Golden Nomads

California Wild White Sage

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Authentic hand gathered, wild California Sage. Dried and tied together for smudging.

The art of smudging, with burning dry sage herbs and focusing on our own ritual and prayers, helps to clear negative unwanted energy where ever we focus. Smudging cleanses, rebalances and opens fresh energy and spirit.

-North direction aligns with the Animal Spirit of White Buffalo. It is grounding, protective-gives knowledge of life and death. It also aligns with the Earth element.
-South direction aligns with the Coyote which represents clever, quick minded and governs the emotion and the Water element.
-East direction aligns with the Eagle which represents Inspirational, far- sighted, fiercely protective- clarifies. It aligns with the Air element.
-West direction aligns with the Grizzly Bear which represents energetic, strong, powerful, determined- cleanses and the Fire element.


100% 건조시켜 말린 순수 화이트 세이지의 향은 기억력과 집중력을 높여주고, 불안감과 잡념을가라 앉힙니다.약재로 쓰이는 세이지 는 실제로 살균과 향균 효과 가 좋다고 합니다. 만병통치 라는 타이틀을 가지고 있을 만큼 화이트 세이지의 효능은 무궁 합니다. 


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